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Top Zip Codes for Car Shipping

Zip codes are a convenient way to remember a location, especially if you aren’t familiar with the area. If you’re buying a vehicle and having it shipped to your hometown, you’ll obviously know the name of the city you want it delivered to, but you might forget the name of the city where you’re buying it from. Remembering a 5 digit number is easier for some people than remembering a city name, especially when it’s long or unfamiliar. That’s why you can receive a car shipping quote from us via a zip code or a city & state. We have an online auto transport quoting system that gives you an accurate estimate for the price to ship a car. All you need is a zip code (or a city & state) for the origin and destination and your vehicle’s make and model. Alternatively you can call us up with this information.

Carnections ships to every zip code in the country. The United State contains over 43,000 zip codes. Since the country is so big, especially for its population, most of these zip codes don’t contain many people; therefore, most of them don’t see much auto transport traffic. Below is a list of the top 100 U.S. zip codes by population. Since high population areas receive the most cars being shipped in to and out of them, these zip codes are also the most popular auto transport locations. Chances are the city or zip code you need your car shipped from or to will be in this list.

37211 Nashville, TN
91709 Chino Hils, CA
79936 El Paso, TX
90011 Los Angeles, CA
60629 Chicago, IL
90650 Norwalk, CA
90201 Bell Gardens, CA
77084 Houston, TX
92335 Fontana, CA
78521 Brownsville, TX
77449 Katy, TX
78572 Mission, TX
90250 Hawthorne, CA
90280 South Gate, CA
11226 Brooklyn, NY
90805 Long Beach, CA
91331 Pacoima, CA
08701 Lakewood, NJ
90044 Los Angeles, CA
92336 Fontana, CA
94565 Pittsburg, CA
10467 Bronx, NY
92683 Westminster, CA
75052 Grand Prairie, TX
91342 Sylmar, CA
92704 Santa Ana, CA
30044 Lawrenceville, GA
10025 New York, NY
92503 Riverside, CA
92804 Anaheim, CA
78577 Pharr, TX
75217 Dallas, TX
92376 Rialto, CA
93307 Bakersfield, CA
10456 Bronx, NY
10002 New York, NY
91911 Chula Vista, CA
91744 La Puente, CA
75070 Mckinney, TX
77036 Houston, TX
93722 Fresno, CA
92345 Hesperia, CA
60618 Chicago, IL
93033 Oxnard, CA
93550 Palmdale, CA
95076 Watsonville, CA
11230 Brooklyn, NY
11368 Corona, NY
37013 Antioch, TN
11373 Elmhurst, NY
79912 El Paso, TX
30043 Lawrenceville, GA
11206 Brooklyn, NY
10453 Bronx, NY
92154 San Diego, CA
11355 Flushing, NY
95823 Sacramento, CA
77479 Sugar Land, TX
91706 Baldwin Park, CA
10458 Bronx, NY
92553 Moreno Valley, CA
90706 Bellflower, CA
23464 Virginia Beach, VA
11212 Brooklyn, NY
60617 Chicago, IL
11214 Brooklyn, NY
11219 Brooklyn, NY
91910 Chula Vista, CA
22193 Woodbridge, VA
77429 Cypress, TX
93535 Lancaster, CA
66062 Olathe, KS
93257 Porterville, CA
30349 Atlanta, GA
60647 Chicago, IL
77584 Pearland, TX
10452 Bronx, NY
77573 League City, TX
11377 Woodside, NY
11207 Brooklyn, NY
77494 Katy, TX
75211 Dallas, TX
11234 Brooklyn, NY
28269 Charlotte, NC
11235 Brooklyn, NY
94544 Hayward, CA
10029 New York, NY
60625 Chicago, IL
89110 Las Vegas, NV
92509 Riverside, CA
77083 Houston, TX
91335 Reseda, CA
85364 Yuma, AZ
87121 Albuquerque, NM
10468 Bronx, NY
90255 Huntington Park, CA
93065 Simi Valley, CA
91710 Chino, CA
10462 Bronx, NY

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