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Audi AG is a German based company owned by Volkswagen Group. Audi’s are luxury vehicles and are one of the “German Big 3” luxury automobile brands along with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These three companies are the top sellers in the luxury automobile market. The name Audi comes from “Audio” which means “to listen” in Latin. The name Audi was chosen because Audi’s founder was named August Horch and “Horch” is the German word for listen.

You’re probably familiar with Audi’s slogan “Truth in Engineering.” This is their new slogan specifically for the United States. Originally it was “Advancement Through Technology” or, in German, “Vorsprung durch Technik.” As a fan of Audi’s vehicles, Carnection believes this slogan is fitting as Audi has a history of pushing the limits of advanced automobile technology.

Examples of Audi’s Use of Advanced Technology

There are many examples of Audi’s innovations in the world of automobile manufacturing. Audi was the first automaker to use aluminum space-frame technology for the bodies of their vehicles.

audi A8The audi A8
In 1994 the Audi A8 was launched and its underlying frame was made of aluminum instead of steel which is standard. Aluminum is lighter than steel which makes for a lighter vehicle. This is important for performance vehicles as it increases acceleration and maximum speed.

Currently, all of Audi’s vehicles are completely galvanized. This means the aluminum frame of every vehicle is coated in zinc which reduces corrosion and rust.

On most Audi cars, all-wheel drive comes standard and it’s been standard since 1990. Audi’s competitors, BMW and Mercedes, treat all-wheel drive as an option, so you can get all-wheel drive in these vehicles but it will cost more. For these manufacturers, rear-wheel drive is the standard. BMW didn’t offer all-wheel drive in its cars (originally it was only available in its SUVs) until 2007 with the 7-Series. Carnections doesn’t mean to be unfair to BMW or Mercedes; they make amazing vehicles and there’s really no best luxury automaker. It really comes down to personal taste.

As on option on the Audi A8, one of Audi’s high-end sedans, it can be equipped with a Volkswagen W12 (also known as the WR12) engine instead of a more common conventional V12 engine. The W12 is smaller than a normal V12 engine allowing room for the required parts to make the vehicle all-wheel drive instead of just rear-wheel drive.

There are many more examples of Audi’s use of superior technology to give them an edge over their competitors. Learn more here.

Audi: Luxury & Performance Cars

audi A4The audi A4

For their sedans, coupes, and convertibles, Audi has two model categories: A and S. In each category there are models 1-8, e.g., Audi A1, S2, A4, S8, etc. Each S model is the higher-end counterpart of the A model. There are small cosmetic differences but the main differences are that the S models have more powerful engines, higher-quality parts, and start at a higher price. The A models are still quality performance and luxury vehicles, but the S models are higher-end and more expensive. Additionally, a higher number generally indicates higher quality and price. So the A8 costs more than the A4.

audi A7The audi A7

The Audi A4, S4, A6, S6, A7, and S7s are all sedans 4-door, sedans. The A5 and S5s are available as coupes, convertibles (a.k.a. cabriolet), or roadsters. The S8 and A8s are available as sedans, coupes, and convertibles.

Audi also makes crossovers and SUVs. These vehicles all have a “Q” in their names. There’s the Q5, standard and hybrid; SQ5, and the Q7. The Q5s are small SUV/crossovers while the Q7 is a full-sized SUV.

Shipping your Audi Enclosed

Carnections highly recommends shipping your Audi enclosed, especially if it is a higher-end Audi like the A/S 7 or 8 models. Enclosed car shipping offers completely covered protection so that your Audi will arrive at your destination in the same pristine condition you left it in. It won’t even get dirty. The alternative is to ship via an open auto carrier. This option costs less, but it offers less protection. Your Audi would be exposed to the elements and would definitely get dirty. Damage is still rare, even small dings and scratches rarely occur, so if you need to save money you can still transport your Audi with an open car trailer without worry. But you never can be too safe with a 135k + car like the Audi A8 L W12. has a free, online car shipping price calculator. All you need to do to receive an estimate for the cost to move your Audi is give us the pickup and delivery locations (a zip code or city/state suffices), your Audi’s model, and your preference as to open or enclosed transport. Get a quote now by selecting from this list:

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